Radio Interviews

CBC Radio North Trail’s End, interview with Robyn Burns, February 21, 2014: discussing Estate Planning and end-of-life care, as part of Yellowknife Wellness Conference, 2014;

Robyn and I talk about end-of-life care — what you need to do from a legal and practical perspective for you and your loved ones.  We cover Wills + equally important powers of attorney and health care directives, and the critical role of executor.  This interview applies to anyone considering a Will for him or herself.  It also addresses planning for the needs of our parents as we find ourselves helping them in their latter years.  The importance of Wills and other documents for Aboriginal residents of the North is discussed.  Lastly, we talk about what happens if someone passes without a Will in place and the costs (legal, emotional and time) that arise.

CBC Radio North Trailbreaker, interview with Loren Mcginnis, April 7, 2014: discussing Wills and Estate Planning as part of Law Week 2014

Loren and I talk about why getting a Will prepared is a critical life planning exercise for you and your loved ones.  In particular, we focus on young families and their particular needs, especially concerning children.  If you have a young family, there can be serious legal, practical and cost implications if you don’t have a Will, power of attorney and/or health care directive.  All three documents are explained and a basic cost estimate is provided.  We talk about on-line or do-it-yourself Wills and the risks associated with going that route.  Lastly, we talk about significant life changes and how a Will and other documents may need to be revisited; for example, where a person is married, but not divorced, and then starts another common-law relationship, and so on.  Preparing a Will is more that just that, it is a proactive and positive experience that is about life planning.